Introduction To Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, namely electric vehicles, also known as electric vehicles. Electric
vehicles are divided into AC electric vehicles and DC electric vehicles. Generally
speaking, an electric vehicle is a vehicle in which a battery is used as an energy
source, and electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy movement through
controllers, motors and other components to control the current and change the speed.

The first electric car was manufactured in 1881. The inventor was French engineer
Gustave Trouvé. This is a tricycle powered by lead-acid batteries. It is driven by a DC
motor. Today, Electric vehicles have undergone tremendous changes, and their types are
also diverse.

In November 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National
Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly issued the “Notice
on Strengthening the Management of Low-speed Electric Vehicles”, requiring local
organizations to organize the clean-up and rectification of low-speed electric
vehicles, prohibiting new low-speed electric vehicle production capacity, and
strengthening the standardized management of low-speed electric vehicles.

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