Electric vehicle performance

1. Lead-acid batteries (lead-acid gel batteries) are cheap and have stable performance. Most electric vehicles on the market use this type of battery. 2. Lithium-ion

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Types of electric vehicles

Primary battery: throw away when used up and cannot be used repeatedly, such as: carbon-zinc battery, alkaline battery, mercury battery, lithium battery. Secondary batteries: rechargeable

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Electric vehicle service life

The battery is a chemical substance, so it also has a certain service life. Primary batteries such as dry batteries (including ordinary alkaline batteries) cannot

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Electric vehicle mileage

The continuous mileage of an electric bicycle is defined as follows: “When the new battery is fully charged, the rider’s weight is configured to 75

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Electric car cleaning

Electric vehicles should be cleaned in accordance with normal car washing methods. During the cleaning process, care should be taken to avoid water flowing into

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