Electric Vehicle Battery Maintenance


1. The charger can only be used indoors. Make sure turn off all the key, and When you charge the battery, DO NOT turn on the key, make sure the power is off always. If not, the charger will burned, also not good for the battery.

2. It is forbidden to charge in a confined space or in a hot environment in the sun and at high temperatures. Do not charge the charger in the seat or trunk.

3. It is forbidden to connect the charger to a power source for a long time without charge.

4. During the charging process, if the light is abnormal, if there is a smell, or if the charger housing is overheated, stop charging immediately and repair or replace the charger.

5. Do not use the charger in an environment containing flammable gases, which could cause an explosion or fire.

6. Do not place the charger near water or wet it, as it may catch fire or you may be electrocuted.

7. If the charger is damaged by a collision or if the internal parts are exposed, do not touch it with your hands as you may be injured or electrocuted.

Before you use our scooter, please attention: 

●Please double check and tight every screw when you first time use this scooter. 

●Please use the right charger we offered in this scooter to charge the scooter before ride it. DO NOT use others charger.

●Please DO NOT connect the battery always with the scooter, if you long time no need ride it.

Chapter Four Instructions and Warning

Ⅰ.Safety driving and warning:

1.Please obey the traffic rules, safe driving, control the speed on safe speed( The safe speed is around 20km/h)

2.Before driving, please check the manual first, then you can practice on the open place,grasp the driving gist, know the structure and the performance for the scooter, this is the based for safe driving.

3.Please do not borrow the scooter to the person who not know and not good at driving the scooter, do not driving on one hand release hand,drunk driving is very dangerous.

4.Driving on raining and snowing day should be more careful, because of the wet ground on raining and snowing day, it is more dangerous.So please do not drive fast, be careful when you turning around! Remind the braking in advance may cause accident.

5.Using the helmet correctly: put the helmet on head and fasten the belt.

6.Dress suitable: do not wear the tight dress which the cuff not open, wear the flats.

7.Loading can not be too heavy, the vehicle maximum load 100kg, and is different feeling of control handle for different loading, excessive loading, easy to handle vibrate out of danger, stable load the car for one person, before pedal load or manned are of great danger.


Do not use the scooter while the battery showing low energy. If the energy too low for the lithium battery, the battery will be dead.

1. After you buy this electric scooters, due to the factory, transport, storage takes long time, may make the battery power shortage, please recharge before use.

2. Check the electric scooter charging the rated input voltage and power supply voltage is the same.

3. The battery can be charged directly in the scooter, but must turn off the power switch.

4. Please connect the electric scooter’s charging port to the charger first, then the charger plug connected to 220V AC power supply. (Note: Do not connect the charger output positive and negative)

5. When the charger on the power and charging instructions red light, indicating that the power has been connected

6. Charging time for Lithium Battery: 4-6 hours,NO MORE THAN 8 HOURS.

Make sure the charging time no longer than above mentioned, it will easy to cause damage to the battery deformation or explosion. Overcharge caused by battery damage, not a warranty.

7. After charging should be unplugged before the plug on the AC power, and then unplug the plug connected with the scooter.

8. Prohibit the case of no charge, the charger will be connected to the AC power for a long time.

9. Every two weeks to do a battery maintenance.

10. Please use the scooter with a dedicated charger. Do not use other chargers to charge the scooter.

11. Charging places should be carried out in a ventilated and dry place,the temperature must be between -10 and 55 degrees,CAN NOT UNDER THE SUN. The charger and the battery can not cover any of the above items.

12. Charging places to stay away from children, when take out the plug, the hand must be dry.


1.Don’t use the electric scooter in the rain to prevent short circuit.

2.Don’t place the battery near the fire or heat prevent exploded.

3.Don’t explode the charger to moisture or water.

4.Don’t allow the child under 8 ages to handle the electric scooter.

5.Don’t ride the electric scooter with more than a person at the same time.

6.Don’t riding the electric scooter after drinking alcohol.

(2) Discharge (use)  

The battery can only be used in this model electric scooter,not allowed to use on others.Otherwise it can not be guaranteed.

Once have a short circuit,the battery management system will be protected automatically,and the insurance film connect with power cord will be fused for dual protection of your battery.The battery will back into the working order after remove short circuit and replace the power cord about 2 minutes.

Damage of battery controller,motor,horn,lighting facilities,etc or allocation unreasonable,they will leads to battery large current discharge mean while  the battery will stop output protectively.But it will restore power within 10 seconds and it has no effect on your riding.

④Battery operating temperature range: -0℃ ~ 40℃ and the burst of power of the battery will decrease with the decrease of temperature, which is a normal phenomenon as with any other battery.

⑤Do not be short circuit for power discharge outlet.


If long time storage (more than one month), it is recommended to charge to the 60%~80% of the battery, the storage period every three months, the battery needs to compensate charging, and also need to compensate charging before the use of the battery.

Batteries should be kept in a cool and dry.

ƒIn the process of storage, conductive objects should be avoided to be directly connected to the positive and negative poles.

④To prohibit the use of batteries near the fire source.

⑤Prohibition of dismantling the battery.

Common faults and method of exclusion


Malfunction symptom

Malfunction reason

Method          of exclusion


Failure to reduce speed or maximum speed

Battery voltage is too low

The speed adjust throttle bar damaged

ƒThe spring in the throttle bar is jam or malfunction

Charge the battery to full

Change from the dealer

ƒChange from the dealer


Motor do not work when powered


The connection for the battery is loose

The speed adjust throttle bar damaged

ƒMotor output line plug missing or damaged

Repair reclosing

Change from the dealer

ƒGet repair from professional maintenance station



Insufficient follow-up trip after charge

Insufficient tire pressure

Insufficient charging or charger failure

ƒBattery aging or damaged

Lots of uphill,upwind,, frequent braking starts,large load

Adequate tire pressure

Full charging or change the charger

ƒChange the battery

Transform is back to normal riding conditions


Charger is not charging


Chong electrical plugs missing or loose plug and socket connection

The fuse burning in the battery box

ƒBattery cable off

Tighten the plug or connector

Change the fuse in the battery box

ƒSoldered cable



Other faults

When you encounter can not determine fault

Motor,battery,controller,charger damaged

When you encounter can not determine fault

Motor,battery,controller,charger damaged

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