The Development Prospects Of Scooters

The production of scooters in my country is mainly concentrated in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang sector, which is good at developing molds. Because the entire sector is piled up by many small and scattered companies, its workshop-style production has never produced a heavyweight company that produces scooters. For more than 10 years, Chinese scooters have not gained the same competitiveness as riders in the world. (I don’t need to hesitate anymore)

Chongqing, China’s “motorcycle capital”. But the scooter is still “lame”. The crux of the problem lies in the scooter accessories. Everyone knows that the development of any new product is inseparable from the spare parts resources that support it. Due to the lack of scooter spare parts resources in Chongqing, especially the key spare parts resources such as scooter covers, lamps and frame, basically need to go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Purchasing, which makes the manufacturing cost of scooters in Chongqing plate much higher than that in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and thus loses competitiveness in price. Many Chongqing automakers have to relocate their scooter production to coastal areas, or find companies in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang sectors for OEM production, which inevitably leads to out-of-control in the quality, system and after-sales service of the finished car.

However, if we want to open a mold to produce parts in Chongqing, we face high costs, no support from large local companies, and lack of confidence in parts companies. Everyone is thinking about whether the scooter will once again miss the Chongqing Motors, and whether the scooter is destined to become the pain of the motorcycle capital. (Analyze the true purpose of mainstream funds and find the best profit opportunities.)


When the enterprises were worried, the Chongqing Municipal Government gave strong support to the motorcycle enterprises. In early 2004, the municipal government compared scooters with large displacements when demonstrating the feasibility of building the “Motor Capital”, and issued a special document to stipulate all large displacements. The whole vehicle and parts of scooters enjoy preferential tax policies for new products; and in June 2004, the Municipal Economic Commission took the lead to organize development zones and enterprises to attract investment in Guangdong and Zhejiang where there are many scooters parts manufacturers, encouraging everyone To invest and set up factories in Chongqing’s development zone, the Chongqing Municipal Government promised to give corresponding preferential policies.


Companies on the other side also follow the trend: Zongshen Group has already cooperated with Piaggio in Italy, and Piaggio has advanced scooter production technology in the world; Jinlong, a subsidiary of Loncin Group, has also conducted extensive Technical cooperation. Lifan Group, which is the third major of the Chongqing motorcycle club, is even more awkward. It has to fight vigorously to retake the scooter market that should have been lost for many years.


The first phase of the Lifan Scooter Chongqing Production Base invested by Lifan Group with a huge investment of 30 million yuan was officially completed. This is the largest local scooter production base in Chongqing with an annual production capacity of 300,000 units. The end of the history of “leg walking” marks the development of Lifan Group to a new level. At the beginning of the establishment of the new plant, Lifan actively explored and decisively launched new models based on the four relatively mature models of Dr. A, Princess, Lingying, and Haoma, and combined with high-level quality concepts. From March to June 2004 in just three months, Lifan Scooter Factory has produced more than 12,000 scooters.


At the same time, Lifan gives full play to its advantages in technological innovation and vigorously develops new scooters. According to a person in charge of the Lifan Group’s National Technology Center, a scooter equipped with water-cooling technology will be on the market within this year. Since the scooter is a closed car body, it will be more effective in water cooling. At the same time, at the 2004 Guangzhou Motorcycle Show just held, a brand-new scooter model of Lifan debuted for the first time. The most distinctive feature of this model is the appearance of individuality and the beautiful and atmospheric lights, reflecting Lifan’s understanding of the fashion of scooters. Interpretation.


Of course, it is impossible to revitalize Chongqing scooters solely by the vehicle companies themselves, which requires the joint efforts of all upstream motorcycle parts companies. The Chongqing Municipal Government has issued a series of support policies for locally-made scooters and their spare parts; several supporting enterprises of Lifan Group have begun to invest in the development and production of scooter parts, and key components such as frames, covers, lamps, etc. have been developed. Some companies have begun to supply in batches.


All signs point to a fact: Chongqing’s scooter industry is about to rise. There is no doubt that the revitalization of Chongqing motorcycle scooter manufacturing will drive the competitiveness of the entire Chinese scooter in the world. “Motor Gang Leader” Yin Mingshan has a bold statement: “Why China’s scooter has not been done well after more than ten years. That is because Chongqing’s scooter manufacturing has not yet stood up.”


The bottleneck hindering the rapid development of Chongqing scooters is that although some powerful scooter supporting factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have plans to establish factories in Chongqing, they have concerns about the small production volume of scooters in Chongqing, and this concern is also present in Chongqing’s local supporting factories. This has caused a problem that the localization of supporting resources cannot be resolved. As a result, the cost of the automaker cannot come down and the sales cannot go up.

In the face of this crux, the relevant departments of the Chongqing Municipal Government should take decisive measures and consider guiding the Chongqing Wujia Motorcycle Factory to move the scooter production base back to Chongqing under the premise of the national policy. In this way, there will be no less than 12,000 scooters produced per month by these five major players. In addition, the number of second and third-tier brand automakers in Chongqing who are the only one of the five major players is a conservative estimate. If all motorcycle factories in Chongqing produce scooters , The minimum monthly output will exceed 30,000 vehicles. Once this situation occurs, not only local supporting factories in Chongqing, but also supporting factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be greatly motivated to come to Chongqing to make local scooter parts, making Chongqing’s scooter production enter a virtuous circle.

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