Other important attention items for electric vehicles

1. Before leaving the car every day, check whether the power is sufficient, whether the
braking performance is good, whether the screws are loose, etc., if there is a fault,
it should be repaired and eliminated in time, and the car can only be driven after the
inspection is completed and there is no fault;

2. When the charging part is repaired or the charging fuse is replaced, the 220V power
plug must be unplugged first, and no live working is allowed;

3. Every time you stop, you must turn off the power switch, pull out the key, move the
gear switch to the neutral position, and pull up the handbrake;

4. To repair or replace batteries and electrical appliances, turn off the main power
switch before operating;

5. Children must unplug the key switch when playing in the car to avoid danger;

6. Before driving the electric vehicle, check whether the door is closed tightly;

7. Charging should be done in a place out of reach of children;

8. Turn off the main power switch immediately when a fire occurs due to an accident or
other reasons.

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