Karting Level

Karts are divided into three categories and thirteen levels according to the difference
in the working volume and structure of the engine cylinder.

Formula Kart


——Super Formula A FSA Kart;

——Formula A FA Kart;

——Formula C FC Kart;

——Formula E FE Karting,;

——Formula World FW Karting.

Among them, the Formula World Fw Kart is a kart that uses a four-stroke engine launched
by the International Kart Council in order to meet the international environmental
protection requirements after Yon Leon became the chairman of the new International
Kart Council.


Intercontinental Kart


——Intercontinental A-class ICA vehicle;

——Continental Grade A Junior Group ICA/J Karting;

——Continental Class C ICC Karting;

——Intercontinental “South America” C-class ICC/S karting;

——Intercontinental “South America” C-Class Junior Group ICC/J Karting;

——Intercontinental E-Class ICE Kart is six levels of karts.


Popular kart


——Outdoor popular PC/O kart;

——Indoor popular PC/I karting.

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