How To Buy Electric Vehicles

The first is face. When you have determined a brand or a certain car model, the first
thing is of course the appearance. The craftsmanship and level of the paint directly
affect the first impression of this car. The paint materials include primer, top coat
and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final effect. Of course, we
have no way to know the specific paint brand used in the car when choosing a car, but
we can judge the quality of the paint based on the effect of the paint. A good baking
paint has a transparent and bright surface, and the color is deep and natural. There
should be no uneven color, chromatic aberration, and large areas of pitting or bumps.
The applique process is flat and the paint is evenly covered. In the sun, the lacquer
is bright and colorful, and the shade has a thick texture. If you find these
descriptions difficult to understand, the easiest way is to go to a few more stores and
compare cars with the same color. It feels like they will come out soon. The most
important point is to consider the anti-ultraviolet ability of the paint. Many car
models do not have anti-ultraviolet agents added to the paint. After long-term exposure
to the sun, the car will gradually fade, especially the white paint, which is more
prone to fading or discoloration. Because such problems cannot be immediately judged,
you can observe whether there are any fading problems in the show cars of the car
dealers and make a basic assessment.


Next is the lining. The structure of the whole vehicle is very simple. The basic units
are the frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller, and motor. The
quality of the frame is particularly critical. Many users don’t care about the quality
of the frame because it is difficult to observe this part. However, the quality of the
frame directly determines the safety performance of the vehicle. The following provides
several ways to verify the frame. First observe the welding level of the frame in the
vehicle plastic parts. If there is false welding or desoldering, the quality of the
frame is not ideal. Secondly, observe whether there are traces of rust on the frame,
because in order to prevent rust, the frame needs a process called electrophoresis. In
order to control costs, many frame manufacturers simply spray black paint without
electrophoresis. If a new car is rusty The problem, that means the quality of the frame
electrophoresis is abnormal. Finally, test the car, drive at high speed and brake hard
to see if the frame is shaking from side to side. If the shaking is severe, it means
that the quality of the frame is not good enough and there is a safety hazard. Because
the electric vehicle market is mixed, and the frame is hidden inside the vehicle and
cannot be inspected directly, many manufacturers do not strictly control the quality of
the frame. Choosing a good frame is very important to the entire vehicle. There is also
a simple method. If the battery is removed from the whole vehicle, you can lift the
weight to test. The heavier the vehicle, the more solid the material and the greater
the possibility of better safety performance.


Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfort. It is divided into front
shock absorption and rear shock absorption. There are many ways to test the front shock
absorption. Here is a common method. Ride an electric bike, accelerate quickly to the
maximum, and then suddenly brake. The front shock absorption will be immediately
compressed because of the vehicle’s own inertia. At this time, both hands hold the
brake lever. The body presses down forcefully with the shock absorption and feels
whether the shock absorption is in the end. If the shock absorption is in the end, the
shock absorption effect is very poor, and the quality of the front shock absorption is
not good enough. The inspection method of the rear shock absorption can be through
riding some speed bumps or ditch ridges, feeling the comfort level through the rear
seat, or pressing the rear seat cushion quickly on the spot to sense the comfort level
of shock absorption. In addition to the downward damping function during compression,
good damping should also have the damping function when damping rebounds instead of
rigid and fast bounce. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort
of the vehicle. If you feel it is not obvious enough, you can ride a few different
brands of different models to find the feeling.


The choice of battery is also very important. A good battery can greatly reduce the
later use and maintenance costs of consumers. Batteries are divided into lead-acid and
lithium-ion batteries. The prices of batteries of different brands vary greatly, while
for lithium batteries, the difference between different types is even greater, and the
price difference between the second type of battery and the first type of battery is
very different. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between good and bad
batteries with the naked eye, and the price of batteries is very large. Therefore,
choosing batteries by brand can effectively avoid bad batteries from fishing in
troubled waters. Tianneng and Chaowei are both listed companies in the battery industry
and are reliable battery brands. In order to avoid buying fakes, consumers can also
choose not to buy batteries from car dealers, but choose to buy batteries from
franchised agencies, which can guarantee the quality of batteries. Speaking of
batteries, the quality of the charger is also very important. Many electric vehicle
fire accidents are mostly caused by the short circuit of the charger. The charger not
only directly affects safety, but also has a direct impact on battery life. Many
batteries have a lifespan of only one year. The reason is not because of the quality of
the battery itself, but because consumers have chosen unqualified chargers. Long-term
overcharging or undercharging leads to shortened battery life. Therefore, choosing a
qualified charger is the key to ensuring battery life. It is recommended that consumers
choose high-quality chargers, which can ensure both safety and battery life. An extra
20 yuan is spent on the charger, and choosing a high-end charger is much more cost-
effective than the damage caused by a bad battery.

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