Electric vehicle performance

1. Lead-acid batteries (lead-acid gel batteries) are cheap and have stable performance.
Most electric vehicles on the market use this type of battery.

2. Lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries) have high cost, but have the
advantages of large specific energy, high specific power, small self-discharge, no
memory effect, good cycle characteristics, wide operating temperature range, and no
environmental pollution.

3. Crystal gel battery has high cost and stable performance. Electric vehicles using
this type of battery are rare in the market. Only a few merchants provide this high-
performance battery with the highest safety factor. The service life is much higher
than the advantages of the first two types of batteries and the advantages of self-
repairing functions are also the industry’s leading position. The advantage is that
lead-acid batteries do not have, avoiding the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries.

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