Economic Contribution Of Electric Vehicles

The share of electric vehicles in the national economy is not very high. However, it
conforms to the national trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, and
greatly facilitates short-distance transportation. The most important thing is that it
plays an important role in the national economy by saving and protecting energy and the

The “China’s Electric Vehicle Industry Market Survey Analysis Report (2015)” released
by Qianxun Consulting shows that the scale of electric vehicle consumption in 2010 was
about 35 billion yuan, in 2011, the scale of electric vehicle consumption was about 40
billion yuan, and the scale of electric vehicle consumption in 2012 The consumption
scale of electric vehicles in 2013 was about 48.4 billion yuan, and the consumption of
electric vehicles in 2014 was about 52.8 billion yuan.


Changes in consumer preferences will also affect the changes in the competitive
landscape of electric vehicle companies. Changes in consumer preferences change with
changes in personal income levels. As the economy improves, residents’ consumption
levels increase, and energy-saving awareness increases, and the quality requirements
for electric vehicles also increase. The electric vehicle industry has huge potential
in the future, and industry consumption will exceed 70 billion yuan in five years.


On September 8, 2015, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission and the
Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Notice on the Provision
of Incremental Indicators for Electric Cars to be Configured in 2015” and other
documents, and issued a number of new policies to encourage the purchase of electric
cars, including setting up cars There are 4000 rental indicators, dynamic adjustment of
the allocation ratio of units and individuals, and free on-street parking for the first
hour. Shenzhen has also provided more attractive policies to citizens who have already
applied for the incremental indicator of electric cars, that is, adjusted the policy
for individuals to apply for the incremental indicator of ordinary cars. It was
originally stipulated that citizens with “cars that do not have their names registered
in this city” can apply for ordinary car quotas, but the latest policy adjustment is:
“There is only one electric car under their name, and the car uses electric cars.
Citizens who purchased the quota and registered before December 31, 2015 can apply for
another general car quota.

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