Correct use and maintenance of electric vehicle batteries

For people who often drive electric vehicles, mastering the charging method and
charging frequency is the key. Early electric vehicles were driven by batteries.
However, with the emergence of lithium batteries with better performance, batteries
will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and people’s focus will gradually
shift to the maintenance of lithium batteries.


Partially discharge the lithium battery of electric vehicles, rather than completely
discharge it, and try to avoid frequent complete discharge. Once the battery is off the
production line, the clock starts to move. Regardless of whether you use it or not, the
service life of lithium batteries is only two to three years. The decrease in battery
capacity is due to the increase in internal resistance caused by oxidation (this is the
main reason for the decrease in battery capacity). High state of charge and increased
temperature will also accelerate the decline in battery capacity.


When charging the lithium battery, it should be charged according to the scientific
charging method, and cannot be operated according to subjective error experience. Try
to charge the battery to 40% and store it in a cool place. This allows the battery’s
own protection circuit to operate during a long storage period. If the battery is
exposed to high temperature after fully charged, it will cause great damage to the
battery. Because excessively low discharge will also be scrapped, in order to avoid
this kind of situation, do not store fully discharged batteries. It should be charged
some before storage and fully charged before use.

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