Now have cheater copy our company information in the internet.
Please NOTICE as following:
Emily only have one mobile number also whatsapp number: 0086 15057963103, other number say he or she is Emily all is cheater!
We only have bank account number inside China, anybody ask you remit the payment to another country say is from our company all is Cheater!
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Wiztem Industry Company Limited
Qianshangyang Industrial Zone,Yongkang,
Zhejiang,China 321300
Tel:(86 579) 8729 7180
Mobile: 0086 15057963103

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Emily Yang

Sales Manager

Wiztem Industry Company Limited
(Business Registered Number:37134098)

ADD: Greatwall Industrial Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China 321300

Mobile:(0086) 150 5796 3103

Tel:(86 579) 8729 7180
Skype ID: mademoto

QQ: 2850870161

Whatsapp: 0086 150 5796 3103

WeChat: 150 5796 3103

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