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Electric Vehicle Battery Maintenance

All Electric Vehicle from our company are supplied with a sealed lead acid battery.

The battery is designed specially for use in electric powered vehicles such as an electric golf buggy and features a high cycling life, high efficiency and long service life.

Understanding how to maintain sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries will help you maximize the usable life of the unit.

Maintenance is very different to maintaining the common car battery in that there is no water to top up and you don’t use an automotive type charger to charge it. Using an automotive charger will damage your unit and void your warranty.

Maintenance is easy just follow these simple instructions:

1. When not in use the battery should be connected to the supplied smart automatic charger and be left constantly On Charge until you require it for use.

2. After use return the unit to the charger as soon as possible and put - leave On Charge.

3. Do not turn the charger off when it indicates fully charged. The charger is designed to fully charge the cells and then switch over to a maintenance trickle charge.


Leaving on charge will not cause any damage
and will help maximize the cell life.


Don’t let your unit run completely flat
as this will shorten its life dramatically
and could make recharging difficult.

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